How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller – Complete Guide

As a rule, the How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller is genuinely strong and there aren’t such a large number of reasons that it would should be fixed. In the event that you are new to the gaming console market, at that point it may bode well to find out about How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller you can dismantle the regulator for yourself before you get one or pay somebody to do it for you.

This article will assist with giving a smidgen more data about How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller regulator and what to search for when attempting to decide how to do this.

With sweat-soaked palms, scraps, and a plague of residue, keeping your PlayStation 4 regulator clean can be an errand. From disinfecting to clearing out the gunk stopped in the middle of the wrinkles, we’re here to tell you the best way to clean your PS4 regulator.

On the off chance that you’re a PlayStation 4 fan, at that point your regulator gets a ton of utilization. And keeping in mind that it comes into contact with germs frequently, it’s not difficult to neglect to clean it. On the off chance that your regulator has encountered a ton of wear and is beginning to look messy, it’s the ideal opportunity for a clean! Fortunately, regardless of whether you need to clean your how to remove a ps4 controller regulator from an external perspective or inside, the strategy is genuinely straightforward.

Why Take Apart a Xbox One Controller?

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In the event that your Xbox One regulator isn’t working right, and you’ve just refreshed the firmware and experienced some essential investigating like checking the batteries, the subsequent stage is generally going to be dismantling the regulator.

Here are some fixes that require dismantling your How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller regulator, remembering guidance for what to do after you’ve opened the regulator up:

Failing d-cushion: Carefully pry up the tabs on the spring get together so it pushes down with more power. Supplant if vital.

Floating simple sticks: Clean or supplant the simple stick units as essential.

Inoperable sound jack: Verify that the jack is appropriately situated and connecting, and supplant if essential.

Staying catches: Use canned air and different strategies to eliminate gunk and other development in the wake of eliminating the circuit board gathering from the regulator lodging.

How to Take Apart a Xbox One Controller

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Before you can dismantle your Xbox One regulator, locate a perfect and clear workspace that is sufficiently bright. You will likewise have to acquire the accompanying apparatuses on the off chance that you don’t as of now have them:

  • T-8 security Torx
  • Prying device
  • Here’s the manner by which to dismantle your Xbox One regulator:
  • Utilize an intrusive instrument to delicately isolate the privilege or left hold cover.
  • When the covers have begun to isolate, you can complete cautiously pulling them off by hand.
  • Rehash the interaction with the other grasp cover.
  • Eliminate the battery cover.
  • Utilize a T-8 security Torx nibbled, and be mindful so as to appropriately situate it and apply even strain to try not to strip the screw.
  • Utilizing a similar Torx digit or driver, eliminate one of the screws from one of the holds.
  • Eliminate the second screw from a similar hold.
  • Rehash a similar interaction on the other grasp, eliminating the last two screws, and the regulator will break into pieces.

You currently approach the thunder engines, triggers, and some extra screws that you can leave alone except How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller you need to supplant explicit parts on the circuit load up. To get to the greater part of different segments, eliminate the gathering from the front case and flip it around.

From this view, you can clean the catches and simple sticks, eliminate the simple sticks, eliminate the d-cushion ring and d-cushion, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Performing Xbox One Controller Repairs

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When you have effectively dismantled your Xbox One regulator, you can endeavor to make fixes. A few issues can be fixed by just cleaning parts, while different issues expect you to supplant segments. Sometimes, progressed abilities like patching are needed to eliminate and supplant segments. Contingent upon your experience level, a portion of those fixes are better left to the experts.

Other fixes are a lot less difficult, such as fixing or supplanting the d-cushion ring. How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller On the off chance that your d-cushion isn’t reacting effectively, attempt this convenient solution:

Utilize an inquisitive device or tweezers to painstakingly fly off the spring steel d-cushion ring.

Cautiously lift up the arms on the d-cushion ring with the goal that they apply more pressing factor, and reassemble. On the off chance that that doesn’t fix your concern, you may require another d-cushion ring.

Taking Apart The PS4 Slim

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On the off chance that you’d like a content rendition of the interaction, you’re in karma! How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller We have the just a single you’ll discover on this side of the web here:

  • Start by flipping the comfort over and turning it around. Alongside the ports is a screw covered by a warrant sticker. Eliminate that sticker.
  • Pop the hard drive board off the rear of the framework close to this screw. There will be another screw inside that holds the hard drive set up. When it’s out, you can haul the hard drive out from the side.
  • With the PS4 Slim lying face down, you can begin to pull no longer working on this issue at every one of the back corners. At that point, the packaging will slide back and up.
  • The cover on the force supply under has T8 security forces you’ll have to eliminate to get to the force supply. From that point, utilize a phillips scredriver to take out the four screws encompassing the excess cover.
  • There’s a Phillips screw on the contrary side close to the edge holding the force supply set up. Eliminate this and the force supply will come free. You’ll have to utilize forceps to disengage the WiFi connector, and the force supply itself.
  • On the top side, there’s a screw with a bolt highlighting it. Eliminate that, and afterward eliminate the entirety of the dark screws from the plate on the base side. Utilizing your forceps, you’ll need to disengage the WiFi link that stumbles into the plate over the motherboard.


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